Tell Me About Your Week

Sure, we can altercate the highs and lows of the anniversary – what you accomplished, what you missed, or just collapsed out forgot. But I’ll be honest and say that I alpha cerebration about this commodity on Sunday, alive I will not broadcast it until mid-week. So, why anticipate about Thursday’s commodity on Sunday?

Let me acquaint you about my week.

I accomplished on Friday how abounding added amusing media posts were blame off with “Fri-YAY!”, we all do it. I was signing off some of my emails with TGIF, and accept been accepted to bless Friday-eve on Thursday. The catechism is why, why do I bless the end of the week? I LOVE what I do, I adulation my clients, and just adulation my life.

My son (famously accepted for his accidental questions) asked me if I anticipate the aboriginal day of the anniversary is Sunday or Monday. Anticipate about this for a bit, I’ll allotment my anticipation at the end. His questions did accomplish me anticipate about my week, because I accept a actual audible account plan. Does it alpha Sunday or Monday?

Here is how I plan my week:

I plan for one abounding technology chargeless day a week, its a lot of acceptable traveling to be Saturdays.

Monday – Appointment day. I apprehend over all my emails and forward out new items that should be delegated, or charge added information. I’ll admit, abounding times I alpha this on Sunday, but I never forward the emails until Monday morning out of account for the ancestors time of others (hurray adjournment delivery!). If I accept affairs advancing up, I may blow abject and affirm affair times, alarm in numbers etc.

Tuesday – Alarm day #1. Generally, aback to aback calls all day. I don’t even try to get paperwork done. I do accumulate my agenda accessible and add tasks and chase ups at the end of anniversary call, but that’s about as abutting as I get to paperwork.

Wednesday – Focus day. I actual rarely agenda a alarm and accept been accepted to about-face my buzz off. This is if I yield on ample tasks that charge detail and focus. By this time, I’ve accustomed advice aback from my Monday appointment emails, and can get down to the plan that needs to be done.

Thursday – Alarm day #2. Again, about aback to aback appointed calls.

Fri-YAY! (I had to do it) – Chase up Friday is what I alarm it. What am I missing? What audience charge a chase up email, prospects, outstanding accounts? Are there any Monday appointment emails outstanding? Any tasks not taken affliction of during the week, will be on my Friday plate.

Saturday – Technology chargeless day (except my kindle, you don’t get to yield my blaze away!)

Sunday – Ahh Sunday. It is my abstruse (now of advance not so secret) plan day. I analysis my plan for the week, plan and adapt for applicant calls, maybe do some writing. I apple-pie up my inbox, agenda tasks for the week. It’s apparently my admired plan day of the “week”. I do address emails, but adjournment the supply so not to arrest others.

So, ambit aback to my catechism beforehand in the article, does your anniversary alpha Sunday or Monday? My vote, still Monday, because my Sunday plan time, is like a little allowance that I accept to do, off anyone’s radar.

How does your anniversary play out? Do you accept set alarm days, focus days? Do you acquiesce yourself one day chargeless of technology to recharge yourself? Allotment with us!